Ghost Bitch recording, down under!

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Ghost Bitch recording, down under!

Above: Ghost Bitch recording session in Australia earlier this month. Photog by David Forcier

Our Stasia Aaa, aka Ghost Bitch, left Olymp one year ago, right after the release of her cassette-only Blood and Honey [KLP282], for Melbourne (aka NAARM), Australia. What exactly has she been up to since then? We dunt know! But we're about to find out as moments ago Stacia provided the following update - - -

"I've been recording with David Forcier who no doubt will work his magic on my twisted little songs that I hope will bring some twisted little smiles, gyrations and cathartic mad laughter to the rare ones who understand. How & when it will be released to the world is a mystery at the moment, but I hear all will be revealed in *divine timing.*

"I’ve also been working on a recording collaboration with my friend V! Our mutual friend *underground superstar* Mary Jane told me before V & I met that we were cut from the same cloth, and I will absolutely flatter myself by agreeing. The way I see it, both of our music exists in a world of blood drippin' red roses with edges like knives and an exquisite bit of rot sparkling under moonlight. Can’t wait for this mystery, too, to reveal itself to the world, but in the meantime, I highly recommend giving one of V’s multiple upcoming releases a listen!

"Hopefully, I will be playing more gigs soon, but since my last dispatch, I have attended MANY, so here’s a few more I’ve loved LiVE IN NAARM…My friends G.U.N., who are truly burning hot, hyper-cool & full of surprises yet reliably promise real ecstatic noise even when trudging. Also, so sweet to my ears are the guitar freak-outs of SUPER-X & the perfection of Bitumen!

"One thing I deeply miss about Olympia is… BASEMENTS! Everyone knows that’s where ghosts thrive, but fortunately over time I have adapted fairly well to above-ground music-making. Still, please cherish yr moldy little punk rock lair for me.

Ghost Bitch"

The Ghost Bitch cassette release Blood and Honey [KLP282] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.