Ghost Bitch in Melbourne!

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Ghost Bitch in Melbourne!

[Editor's note: Stasia Aaa, who records and performs as Ghost Bitch, relocated to Melbourne, Australia (AKA "Naarm") earlier this month (her relocation was delayed for two years by the global pandemic). What follows is an update on her activities since leaving downtown Olymp]


by Stasia Aaa

I have finally made it to Naarm/Melbourne! Here’s my travelogue…
Ghost Bitch played our first gig at Nighthawks [see above photog - Ed.] with Hearts & Rockets, who are a very fun band and wonderful people! They closed their set with a Bikini Kill cover much to my amusement as an Olympia transplant. I went and saw Cong Josie & the Crimes. They’re a mash-up of everything I musically adore (girl groups, no wave, Nudie suit-wearing country stars but that doesn’t even cover it). Feels exciting and new. Highly recommend. I’ve chased Rowland S. Howard’s ghost in St. Kilda and peered through the glass at his guitar at the Australian Music Vault.

After much searching, I am much relieved to finally have acquired a Fender Twin from a very nice man out in the bush who used it to play with Jim Keays of The Masters Apprentices. A vintage Fender Twin is a girl’s best friend… or however that saying goes.

It looks like I’ve got another gig coming up at Cactus Room on Friday, June 17, and I’m also on the lookout for bandmates here in Naarm. If it were still 1979, I’d post an ad in the paper sayin “singer/guitarist lookin for drummer. must like babes in toyland and the birthday party… call (04)R0cknR011”