fish narc, Horse Head are back!

fish narc, Horse Head are back!

 Above: fish narc and Horse Head c.2017, during the This Mess Is My Mess era.


Friday evening fish narc and Horse Head play a show together in downtown Olymp, reuniting a creative partnership that began in the West Coast underground emo rap/trap/punk scene over a decade ago. Both artists are joined by Physique, Cage World and Torment in Tyranny to celebrate the LP/CS release of fish narc's fruiting body [KLP295] album. it all goes down at Le Voyeur, 404 4th Ave. E., 6:00 PM, Friday Jan. 12. This event is accessible to audience members of all ages.

fish narc (Ben) and Horse Head (Chris) met when their respective punk bands toured West Coast in the early 20-tens, Seattle, WA to Van Nuys, CA and everywhere in between. Independently both Ben and Chris began programming beats and fashioning rhymes as part of the cloud rap NW scene that combined emo-esque guitar battle scars with ATL style bumpin' beat-asms, or as Ben describes it, "making emo beats with cloud rap, autotune vibes. Like Blink 182 but quiet." Ben sees their friendship as integral to both artists' musical journey. "My relationship with Chris, our shared background in home recording, indie pop and with beat makers, autotuners; we're intimate friends, but also he’s legendary to me."

Meanwhile these punk knuckleheads collide with the THRAXXHOUSE sensurround stutter kings and before you know it Goth Boi Clique emerges to dominate West Coast underground bedrooms (and more). "In this L.A. chapter of our relationship we had a shared view of the world, we cliqued." Ben and Chris, besides collaborating with everyone and their sister decided to forge a beat/rhyme combine that resulted in 2017's This Mess is My Mess, an era defining album that pushed Horse Head to the front of the pack, earning Ben/fish narc well-founded recognition for his oh so stylish production and (vegan) cream cheese velocity.

Since then Ben and Chris have continued to collaborate while each maintaining their own colossal underground musical identities, fish narc and Horse Head. In fact, fruiting body opens with "give up" featuring Horse Head and another Goth Boi Clique alum, cold hart. At Friday's album release show fish narc and Horse Head recombine live on stage to perform "Ready or Not" and possibly more of their head noddin' classics. Friday's show at Le Voyeur is the first of several dozen fish narc and Horse Head play across North America in the next couple months, culminating in a tour finale March 22 at The Black Lodge, Seattle, WA. Check the K SHOWS page for complete tour dates.

The latest fish narc album fruiting body [KLP295] was released to the digital realm in 2023. On January 12, 2024 it will be available as both a long-playing (LP) phonograph record and cassette tape at retail outlets across the globe. Here at The K Mail Order Dept. orders for both the fruiting body LP and cassette tape are shipping now. Get with it.

Above: fish narc hosts the fruiting body [KLP295] album release party at Le Voyeur, 404 4th Ave E., downtown Olymp.

Above: fish narc, fruiting body [KLP295] is available on both LP and cassette tape.