Field School on LP (finally)

Olympia Underground -

Field School on LP (finally)

The new Field School album When Summer Comes (Small Craft Advisory) is now available on the highly-coveted long playing phonograph record format, thanks to a special co-release between Olympia label Small Craft Advisory and the Madrid, Spain based Bobo Integral Records. Dunt fear, When Summer Comes is still available as a cassette tape - - - but now you can choose either or both when ordering it from The K Mail Order Dept.

When Summer Comes is a guitar pop record comprised of an even dzn strum-atomic passels of song-tonics that make you bounce, and hum along. Field School are continuing their quest to craft the perfect pop implosion. Several of their earlier cassette excursions are also available now from The K Mail Order Dept., including:

Field School, Hey Satellite (Small Craft Advisory) CS

Pop gone wild in the alleys of downtown Olymp. Five songs of jangle-madness! Too cool.

Field School, Swainson's Thrush (Small Craft Advisory) CS

Field School are single-handedly remaking the Olympia Underground in their own avian pop image.