Field School (and pals) play Olymp!

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Field School (and pals) play Olymp!

Above: Field School and Bay Area pop strum-atonics play downtown Olympia this weekend.


The enigmatic pop collusion that is Field School, an Olymp sensation of the senses, play their first official show in downtown Olympia this Friday night, along with some Bay Area ne'er do wells who have glommed onto the bill, Chime School and Blues Lawyer. Predicts Charles Bee of Field School, "It's going to be real cool." He then adds, "I haven't done a proper show in Olympia for quite a long time." Not since his former combo, the scholastic rockers Math & Physics Club devastated the Timberland Regional Library in 2017. There was that one Field School backyard performance last summer that no one really knew about. This show is diff - - - see above poster for the event at the Voyeur. Now everyone is going to know, and be in attendance.

After several cassette-only releases via Olympia's Small Craft Advisory, Field School discharged the full-on When Summer Comes LP, a co-release between Small Craft Advisory and Spain's Bobo Integral label. Many of the songs on When Summer Comes will be played Friday. "I've got a whole bunch of songs written, an LP and an EP, all in my head." Hold the phone let's not get ahead of ourselves. Are those songs on the set list, too? "One new song called 'I've got a Feeling,' written for the upcoming Small Craft Advisory cassette compilation, and a Teenage Fanclub cover."

That does sound cool.

Usually, as on most of the recordings, Field School is just Charles playing all the instruments, and singing, too. The Friday show is going to be diff: Olympia punk rock drum major Matt Murillo. "I asked him if he wanted to play a little drums, it will be interesting to see what happens. He likes Teenage Fanclub, too." Have you two rehearsed yet? "Tomorrow. It will be bit ramshackle, which is appropriate."

Charles is excited about the other two artists on the bill: "Chime School, classic jangle pop, they have a new single on Slumberland [entitled appropriately enough] 'Coming to Your Town'." Charles has previously corresponded with Chime School's singer Andy, and has been a fan of Andy's other efforts Pink Films, Cruel Summer and Seablite. The second Bay Area band playing at the Voyeur Friday evening is Blues Lawyer. "They're more power pop. The two bands are touring the NW together, Bellingham, Seattle, Eugene, Portland and Olympia."

Charles would like everyone to know the Field School show is Friday, April 21 at the Voyeur, 404 4th Ave. E., Olympia; it begins at 7:00 PM ending by 10:00 PM, and is accessible to audience members of all ages. As a special treat DJ Remy (Type II Era show on KAOS-FM) will set up turntables and spin classy pop records before, after and between. Dunt miss it.

Field School, When Summer Comes (Small Craft Advisory) LP, CS

A full-sized pop experiment and Field School really stretches it's legs on this bang-up album of guitar and tambourine classics.


Field School, Hey Satellite (Small Craft Advisory) CS

What the world needs now is pop, sweet pop. Hey Satellite is just the cassette to provide such an elixir.