Feeling Figures, "Swimming"!

Feeling Figures, "Swimming"!

Above: Feeling Figures' new single "Swimming" is out today!


Feeling Figures are on the move with a new album, Everything Around You [PRNL054/KLP296],

in the autumn and new single, "Swimming," out today. For immediate action, view the "Swimming" VIDEO and get learnt about their swingin' new sound.

OK, complete disclosure: Everything Around You is NOT particularly new. It was recorded by Feeling Figures before their Migration Magic [PRNL052/KLP294] LP, released last autumn. BUT - - - it is new to us, it has only to this time been heard by the member of the Feeling Figures themselves. For mysterious reasons known to Canadians-only, Feeling Figures decided to pull the ol' switcharoo and release Everything Around You later rather than sooner. Yay. Like all Feeling Figures' music, Everything Around You is timeless, appropriate for all seasons. It's an album, as you can hear by listening to "Swimming," that compels one to listen again and then again after that. Good songs. Catchy tunes. Lives lost and found. Everything Around You.

Listen to "Swimming" and PRE-ORDER Everything around You (PRE-ORDERS ship by August 15).

Above: Feeling Figures, taking in everything around them.