Feeling Figures, "Movement"!

Feeling Figures, "Movement"!

Above: . .Feeling Figures - - - Movement!


This morning the new Feeling Figures video "Movement" debuts on Post-Trash, an occasion that merits much heralding and folderol. "Movement" is the latest single from the Feeling Figures album Migration Magic [PRNL052/KLP294], out everywhere November 20. If one must describe "Movement" in one word it would be STRUMATOMIC. The entire Migration Music strain is a panoply of trenchant jongleurs riding percipient bongos through the dawn (one may PRE-ORDER Migration Magic now from The K Mail Order Dept.)

"Movement" is just the beginning of a new Monster of Rockette - - - Feeling Figures - - - prepare for the storm of pop crush squeeze as Feeling Figures cascade across North America to spread the truth about guitars, keyboards and empathic delight. This weekend it is Montreal, Quebec; next month Feeling Figures crisscross the upper West Coast, playing Olympia, WA October 7 and Vancouver, BC October 8. Dress appropriately.

Feeling Figures, singles from Migration Magic [PRNL053/KLP294]:

"Across the Line"

Wherein Feeling Figures defy all NZ naysayers and excel in their own style of South Island song making. View the video for "Across the Line" HERE.



A rattletrap garage ode to feeling fuzzy and splintered. Ride your bike through every puddle, jump every curb. View the video for "Movement" HERE.


Feeling Figures play with Live Skull this Saturday, September 23 at Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Feeling Figures, Migration Magic [PRNL052/KLP294] is now available for PRE-ORDER from The K Mail Order Dept.