Feeling Figures!

Feeling Figures!

 Above: Feeling Figures set up and play all their current hits for the neighborhood, including their recent single "Across the Line".                                   (photog by Liz Robinson)


Materializing from the enchanted Maritime Provinces of Far Eastern Canada, Feeling Figures concentrate on creating strumtastic guitar explorations of everyday life's most remarkable moments, overlaying it all with vocal charms and talismans. The end result: emotive pop music from under the kitchen sink that makes one yearn for the endless summertime.

Returning to their current habitat, Montreal, Quebec (Canada) from a West Coast sojourn last week, Feeling Figures set up to play under the Van Horne bridge for the folks in the neighborhood (see above photog). It was all in celebration of their pals and colleagues-in-amps Surveillance, whose new album Less Than One More Than Zero (Celluloid Lunch) came out that ver day!

Feeling Figures crashed through the dzn songs on new album Migration Magic [PRNL052/KLP294]. The generator was fired up for an autumnal auditory carnival. Everyone dug it most divine.

Though Migration Magic is officially available from the usual streaming sources November 24, it is available on the long-playing (LP) phonograph record format right now from The K Mail Order Dept.


Feeling Figures hanging tuff with members of Surveillance under the Van Horne bridge, Montreal, Quebec (Canada).                                        (photog by Liz Robinson)