Fawns of Love, Fear the Softest Gaze LP!

Fawns of Love, Fear the Softest Gaze LP!

 Above: Jenny Andreotti, Fawns of Love.


The sound of one eyelash batting - - - that is the zen motif presented by Fawns of Love on their new album Fear the Softest Gaze (Kingfisher Bluez), now spinning out of control on turntables across the globe. Compare the wide open spaces surrounding Bakersfield, Calif. to the moorland of Scotland and you'll note a similarity that suggests isolation and sweeping majesty. Sequence that vastness into your circadian rhythm-of-the-epoch and you may end up churning a stellar pop song or two, same as Fawns of Love has done for the last half-decade.

Fear the Softest Gaze. Bask in it. Jenny on the vocal, Joseph spangling the keys. Then Calvin Johnson joined in for a provocative duet; direct from Scotland, Robin Guthrie rends a noble symmetry to a re-emboldened title song as coda. This album excels at softening the blow of it all.

Fawns of Love, Fear the Softest Gaze (Kingfisher Bluez) LP is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.

Above: reap the softest gaze, offered up by Fawns of Love.