Dumb It Down!

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Dumb It Down!

This week an unsuspecting public has been trounced with multiple remixes of the Hot Chip single "Down", including the melodica-drenched "Dumb It Down" by Selector Dub Narcotic. One of a passel of "Down" remixes, "Dumb It Down" was set astray along with radically diverse takes on the affair by Sworn Virgins and Nyra.

Selector Dub Narcotic, Memphis, TN. by Jamie Harmon

"Down" is excerpted from the upcoming Hot Chip album Freakout/Release, out August 19. The dance floor knows all, sees all; yet somehow Hot Chip have managed to sneak past all monitors sans hall pass to animate the public address system, kisses spewing.

In Selector Dub Narcotic's view of things, "Down" gets stripped to bare bass and drums with a melodica melody twisting in the barbed wire love of it all. A dance floor is not blind; stomp - - - undulate w:i:l:d:l:y:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


The most recent Selector Dub Narcotic release is "Bounce It out (Bounce It on out)" [DBN127] from our Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series.

Hot Chip by Matilda Hill-Jenkins