Def-I, "Mamas featuring Jessie Davis", Single of the Year!

Def-I, "Mamas featuring Jessie Davis", Single of the Year!

Above: Def-I and Jessie Davis from the "Mamas" video.


Last weekend at the International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards, Def-I won "Single of the Year" for "Mamas featuring Jessie Davis", excerpted from the Def-I album Water Edges, "featuring amazing production from Pacific NW Super-Producer 'Smoke M2D6'." "Mamas" is an homage to Motherhood, which is after all the noblest institution in our land. View the video for "Mamas featuring Jessie Davis" HERE.

Def-I is an MC, producer, teacher and touring performer representing the Diné Nation from New Mexico. His new album Blue Hour also features extensive production by Smoke M2D6.

Jessie “DJ Nebraska” Davis is a producer, performing artist, DJ, cultural ambassador, and educator committed to finding healing and connection through Art. Hear more Jessie Davis music at her Bandcamp site.

The latest Smoke M2D6 album Quarantine Heart Throb [KLP290] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.