Dear Nora, Human Futures (Orindal Records) LP

Sounds from the Selector Dub Narcotic DJ Booth -

Dear Nora, Human Futures (Orindal Records) LP

Sounds from the Selector Dub Narcotic DJ Booth 

Joy, people, pure joy. even in the deepest depths of despair, Dear Nora cannot but look up and see the bright side. Rather than this being totally annoying, Katy Davidson and her cohorts in musical mountainosity are just having too much fun, and it is infectious! Listen to Human Futures and doom scrolling seems like an optimistic afternoon occupation. What up with that?

Human Futures is the new Dear Nora album released by Orindal Records, who specialize in making special music available for the experiencing.

Human Futures is an album of songs invented by Katy Davidson; her crew of musical helpmates (Zach Burba, Nicholas Krgovich, Greg Campanile) are all folks who have written plenty pop stompers themselves, recorded reams of albums of songs, all worthy of your undivided attention. Yet - - - hearing this album one cannot blame them for setting aside their vast, epoch-making bodies of work to join in on the Dear Nora band as one suspects it is really more of a carnival. In the photog of the combo on the back of the record they are all trying really hard not to laugh.

Listen to this record all day long. Go see Dear Nora when they come to your town. If you have not seen Katy Davidson on stage, in action, your life is so sad. Also, get all the other Dear Nora recordings if you do not already have them, and listen to them all day long, too.

Human Futures. It's a diff perspective.

One can discover Dear Nora, Human Futures at the Orindal Records Bandcamp and all the usual digital plats.