Daisies new single, video "Is It any Wonder?"

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Daisies new single, video "Is It any Wonder?"

Daisies, purveyors of the electronic paisley underground, bring it simultaneously hard and soft with "Is It any Wonder?" The first single off their new album Great Big Open Sky [KLP289].

"Is It any Wonder" is a sleepy, sad winter HIT. A strummy guitar, flat foot Americana hustle in the gentlest of ways. Daisies have been pushing up Olymp dance and pop sounds for vitality years and have too many mooga songs. Some of our faves: "Everybody's Moving to London" - - -  "Anyone's Style"! But now whoops a Daisies they are heading off in a new direction and no one knows what's next!

Except - - - "Is It any Wonder?" is out now and available via Bandcamp and all the usual digital plats, and was featured yesterday on NPR's All Songs Considered. Neat.

One can also view "Is It any Wonder?" as a live-action panorama on Youtube. Ver cools.

The Daisies album Great Big Open Sky [KLP289/PRNL048], an entire freak load of blue cowboys wandering out in the rain, it hits the streets May 12; PRE-ORDERS ship by April 12. Yay.

The new Daisies video "Is It any Wonder?" attracts a lot of peepers.