Daisies, "Goin' in Circles"

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Daisies, "Goin' in Circles"

Above: member of Daisies celebrate their new single "Goin' in Circles".


As purveyors of the electronic paisley underground, Daisies feel they are under no obligation to do anything other than prance. And prance they do, in circles! The new Daisies single is "Goin' in Circles", and it hits all the usual digital plats this Friday, March 31. You can get an advance listen to "Goin' in Circles" from Daisies' Bandcamp site. Weeeeeee!

Daises been mixing up the dance floor medicine in downtown Olympia since the end of the last decade. the beats are strong. the melodies fluid. the prancing pronounced. The circle is widening. Daisies are touring about the Northwest this week: tonight they'll appear at the Doug Fir in Portland, Oregon, Thursday March 30 they make the Vancouver, B.C. scene via The Cobalt, March 31 is Barboza in Seattle, Washington.

If you are not able to make any of these events worry not, Daisies will be appearing in your town soon. In the meantime play Daisies, "Going in Circles" on repeat, let the prancing begin!

"Going in Circles" is the second single from Daisies upcoming album Great Big Open Sky [KLP289/PRNL048],  available now from The K Mail Order Dept.