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A fellow in England who has always championed K in Merry ol' is Dave Barker. When he was at Fire Records he licensed The Halo Benders and Fitz of Depression, brought Fitz of Depression to Europe for a tour around, and a session with John Peel at the BBC. Pretty nifty. He also released recordings by Some Velvet Sidewalk and auxiliary K artists Shonen Knife, Vaselines and Pastels on various labels here and there. He's always up to something.

Dave Barker's latest endeavor is Glass Modern, an outgrowth of his '80s label Glass Records. He has begun reissuing classic albums from the '80s and '90s in limited runs. This month Glass Modern released the debut album by Dub Narcotic Sound System, Boot Party [KLP040] in an edition of 1000 on red vinyl. Bring me the head of your demon again.

Boot Party era Dub Narcotic Sound System: Jeff Smith, Todd Ranslow, Calvin Johnson, Brian Weber, Larry Butler.

Boot Party was recorded in the earliest days of the Dub Narcotic Studio when it was located in the basement of my house, 1994-1995. Sweaty basement rock'n'rule. It includes some classic Dub Narcotic Sound System turntable terrors: "Shake-a-Puddin'", "Robotica", "Ship to Shore", "Monkey Hips and Rice". Bounce for goodness' sake like a devil's food chocolate cherry cheese cake.  Boot Party features several guest players including Jen Smith, DJ Sayeed, Lois Maffeo and Lindiwe Coyne. Diana Arens contributed invaluable technical assistance. Gonna douse it in that southern style - - - smothered like a dumpling. Boot Party has been out of print on any physical format for several years, it's good to have it back in stock and available for DJ breakdown. Never met one bouncing who couldn't.

Dave Barker did us all a favor. Break this phonograph record over your head on the dance floor.

Calvin Johnson

Dub Narcotic Sound System
 Boot Party reissued by Glass Modern