Chickfactor 30, New York City!

Chickfactor 30, New York City!

Known to it's adherents as "the indie rock nerd bible", Chickfactor fanzine is celebrating it's thirtieth revolution around the sun by hosting multiple musical events around the globe, beginning in New York City October 6 - 8. Yay.

The first event features a divers slate of pop rockin' apostles: The Aluminum Group, Jim Ruiz Set, Dump and Girl Scout Handbook, with DJ sets by Stephin Merritt & Gaylord Fields. This occurs Thursday October 6 at the Frying Pan on Pier 66 in Manhattan.

The next day the action moves to Brooklyn where ChaShaMa hosts a special event in honor of Steve Keene, his art, and The Steve Keene Art Book. Steve Keene will be live painting. They will have DJs and maybe live music - - - it's still all coming together! (Friday October 7, 5:00 to 7:30 PM, One Brooklyn Bridge, 360 Furman St.)

Saturday October 8 the Chickfactor submerges in Union Pool for an evening of heavy & sexy rock'n'roll featuring Seablite, Artsick, Jeanines and Gary Olson (!!!).

Go HERE for more information, or view the illuminating placards featuring the artists involved (designed by Tae Won Yu) displayed below. Be there and be square (nerd).



The two most recent issues of Chickfactor, the legendary indie nerd fanzine, are available now from The K Mail Order Dept. - - -

Chickfactor 18

features big, fun interviews with Kendra Smith, The Softies, Alvvays, Lindy Morrison & Amanda Brown (The Go-Betweens), Girl Ray, Frances McKee (The Vaselines), Gerard Love (Teenage Fanclub, Lightships), Marisa Anderson, Tanita Tikaram.


Chickfactor 19

features interviews with Artsick, Connie Lovatt (Containe, The Pacific Ocean, etc.), 
Gina Davidson (Marine Girls, The Fenestration), Horsegirl, Rachel Love (Dolly Mixture, Spelt), Sacred Paws, Seablite, The Umbrellas, Laura Veirs and more!