Chickfactor 30, London, England!

Chickfactor 30, London, England!

It's now, it's real it's all happening this weekend! Chickfactor magazine turns 30 years young and the celebration lasts for three days (October 28, 29 and 30) in swingin' London. Like the fanzine itself, the party is all about music music music. First night features Artsick (picured below), Rachel Love and Sacred Paw (above).

The next evening thrill to the savage sounds of Seablite, Birdie and The Umbrellas.A grand finale October 30 features the inimitable poptones of Catenary Wires plus mysterious SPECIAL GUESTS. Intriguing. Learn more about the Chickfactor 30 celebration HERE. See you there.

Rachel Love (pictured above, L, with Jolie of Ribbon Stage, R) will perform October 28 at the Chickfactor 30 extravaganza, London, England, October 28.

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