Calvin Johnson new single and video "Gallows Wine"!

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Calvin Johnson new single and video "Gallows Wine"!

Good news: "Gallows Wine" is the second single and title song from the Calvin Johnson album Gallows Wine [KLP287]. Hangman's daughter shuns milk maid's toddler: rope burned tongue

The even better news - - - there is a video for "Gallows Wine" that includes (almost) everyone who plays on the Gallows Wine album. They're caught on film rockin' a house show in Columbus, Mississippi:

 Calvin Johnson: talk box

Max Hartleroad: dream keys
Miles Jordan: electric banana
Toby Hartleroad: Sam-I-am brigade
Dylan van Zile: irresistible charm
Alec Hawkins: debonair good looks
Tyler Carter: Denial Heartbreak Denial Dept.

It's all been bent, folder and mutilated by vid wiz kid Shawn Parke whose O-Rama Studios on the lake has been topping the peeper charts with undeniable gawk fodder. Another good one, Shawn!

Besides as a "Youtube" video, "Gallows Wine" is available NOW on all the usual digital plats.

There's no getting over Calvin Johnson wreaking havoc on guitar, fife and drum.  "Gallows Wine" rips psycho psychedelic, poetic license intact. What that means is: scaffold rising and sharing sips with no hesitation. Drone on, silvery moon. The "gallows Wine" single was recorded in Columbus, Mississippi with Hartle Road at their Pompeii studio just like the rest of the Gallows Wine [KLP287] album, which is available for PRE-ORDER now at The K Mail Order Dept.

The first single from Gallows Wine, "Pink Cadillac" has already spun out on lawns across the U.S.A. People got it hard and can't let go - - - heavy gumptin'. Get down with "Gallows Wine" (single or video) and you will no longer be buried alive - - - Breathe deep!

View the "Gallows Wine" video, directed by Shawn Parke, featuring the best and brightest from Columbus, Mississippi.

The Calvin Johnson album Gallows Wine [KLP287] hits the streets April 7. Pre-order your copy now from The K Mail Order Dept. and it will be shipped by March 1.