Big City, Liquid Times release party!

Big City, Liquid Times release party!

Last Saturday evening Big City hosted an album release party for their latest opus, Liquid Times [KLP280/PRNL43] in their home Big City, Vancouver, B.C. Writes guitarist, singer Kat:

"We celebrated our album release under a nearly full moon with the twinkling lights of the shipping port behind us, the ceaseless mechanisms of the supply chain providing a pretty badass backdrop for a pretty badass show.

"Our friends Swim Team also released a tiny record (a compact disc), and the undisputed reigning Queens of the Scene Woolworm kicked off the night. Note to self: always put Woolworm first on a bill so all the confused punks come early and stay for the artsy dance music.

"BIG SHOUT OUT to Vancouver's coolest new venue Green Auto, especially Mike and all the staff, who are in the game for the RIGHT REASONS (rock music, love, and friendship) and have really set up a great vibe."

Big City, Liquid Times [KLP280/PRNL043] LP is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.