Big City, Liquid Times and Feather Light!

Big City, Liquid Times and Feather Light!

It's official! The Big City EP Liquid Times [KLP280/PRNL043] is for real and available now from The K Mail Order Dept. You will also discover Liquid Times on your favorite digital plat.

To accompany this momentous occasion, Dave and Kat of Big City have unveiled a video accompaniment to one of Liquid Times' most gracious passages, "Feather Light" - - - def a must-see. Do so HERE. (The video is directed by Jolie M-A.)

Of course, the previous episode from Liquid Times is still making the rounds: view the Big City video "Vicious" HERE.

After spending the summer touring about the West Coast, Big City (a dynamic duo from Vancouver, B.C.)  are back in their native land, the World Next Door, ready to dole out another round of pan-disco double shots to which one must shimmy, twerk, Macarena and frug. Not an unpleasant fate.

Big City photog above by Valerie Warren

The Big City, Liquid Times [KLP280/PRNL043], is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.