Big City - - - Liquid Times!

Big City - - - Liquid Times!

Vancouver, B.C. is def a "Big City" - - - they have crime and drugs and even their own T.V. station. And now Vancouver, B.C. has the combo Big City pumping out popacious punky dance floor noize on their ver own 12" EP Liquid Times [KLP280/PRNL43]. Check into the first digi-single "Vicious" which debuted at +rrcmndedlisten this week - - - "Vicious" floats and also, hits like a rock thrown from a moving auto.

The Big City EP Liquid Dreams will be on the streets world-wide September 9; discerning readers of the K News may pre-order Liquid Times to be shipped out August 10. How about them apples?

More about Big City:

The love child of guitar mastermind Katayoon (Puzzlehead, Hotline TNT) and underground dance instigator Davey Biddle (Copyright Linda Fox) Big City present Liquid Times as

A Recurring Daydream 
on zero gasoline 
Pixelating to exaltation on a big city night 
cantaloupe runs hard in the dungeon 
then car home at 6am

Ya know what I mean?