Big City dreams (come true)!

Big City dreams (come true)!

Earlier this month Big City, the Vancouver, B.C. dynamite duo who flash the dance floor spin, toured the West Coast with Olympia's Daisies, purveyors of ecstatic rhythm crimes. it was the show of shows, to be repeated as often as their crazed schedules allow. Since both combos are busy shaking up the beatbox landscapes each on their own side of the border, the next opportunity to frug to the swaybacked foursome will be late September, when Big City host a rec release party for their new Liquid Times [KLP280/PRNL043] EP. Oh my polliwog, that will be blinding flash lightning illuminating the diamond life to which we all aspire.


Kat of Big City is an artist but she does not use a capital 'A' in the inscription because as a multimedia maven of inspired imagery (and heralding) she canno see it that way. First of all, she never attended Art School. "I had a pretty good idea from too many TV shows and movies of what to expect. Besides, in Canada mostly they prep you to be a good grant writer." (Not an unmarketable skill, that.)

But the multimedia aspect let's not overlook. She been in "six or seven bands that have 25 releases in the last ten years" and now Big City allows her to take her guitar to new places, like the dashboard of her 1993 Honda del Sol ("it's of the sun"). View the new Big City "Vicious" video HERE and see said car as she prepares it for an upcoming show. "I carpeted the dashboard so I can velcro my pedals to it, pop the hood, dangle a mic over, put it in neutral, rev the engine and put it through some loopy-doopy stuff." Fair enough. Sounds carbonic.

For this upcoming show, she made the hood of the auto invisible. How did you learn to do that? "Youtube. I did a youtube search for 'How to make a transparent car hood'." Kat has taken youtube tutorials into the art world, bringing lowbrow to the highbrow. And why not? Now her car hood is invisible. Cools.

Kat and her Big City partner Dave have made some beautiful music together. Liquid Times [KLP280/PRNL043] is their voyage to the deep - - - it hits the street next Fri. September 9, but is available NOW from The K Mail Order Dept. Start your engines.

Big City and Daisies tour West Coast, August, 2022; L to R: Dave, Kat, Val, Chris.


The Big City, Liquid Times [KLP280/PRNL043]], is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.