BEAT HAPPENING albums, the way you want them!

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BEAT HAPPENING albums, the way you want them!

People always ask about Beat Happening albums on vinyl. Domino Records recently reissued all six Beat Happening albums as long playing phonograph records, and now they are available as such from The K Mail Order Dept. - - - for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.


Beat Happening

One hundred summer days bottled up inside one guitar. This DOUBLE LP version of the first album includes all the hits. Think: "Foggy Eyes"

Black Candy

Arch your back to this primitive beat and you'll never get enough. Think: "Cast a Shadow"

You Turn Me on

An abnormal sound emanating from the heart. Strumatomic, with a distinct blend of wheat and chaff. Think: "Godsend"

Music to Climb the Apple Tree by

Learn the origin story of the one guitar and drum corps: Stand on the precipice and breath deep. Think: "Sea Hunt"


Ten epic night crawlers, an unparalleled experience of down-home captured-in-the-moment guitar raw and vibraslap. Think: "Hot Chocolate Boy"


Masters of crashpop calligraphy, Beat Happeing create a buzz and drone worth repeated listens. Think: "Bewitched"

Also available is the Beat Happening "Crashing Through (Meyering Mix)" / "The This Many Boyfriends Club" [IPU147] 7" 45rpm phonograph record! Cover painting (pictured above) by Ms. Heather Lewis.