Almond Joy: explosion of sound and color!

Almond Joy: explosion of sound and color!

The soundz of Almond Joy are self-styled sweetness, this is some candy talking veering close to bubblegum brigadeerdom - - - a San Francisco X East Bay meeting at the sonic temple, popity punk blossom time.

Almond Joy guitarist Jordan is spending the summer in Olymp (natch) playing drums with Table Sugar for their upcoming half a dzn NW shows. Dunt worry though Jordan is in approx. 8 million bands, Almond Joy will always have a place at the table: "It's my really good friends!", says they. Besides which the attract is "Heartfelt songs. It feels different because the song writing is more collaborative than my other groups. Various song writers in the group have different styles. We all like all kinds of music but classic songwriter-ism appeals to us all."

One listen to the new Almond Joy Oh, Henry [IPU149] EP and one can taste the diff. Four strong catchy pop-a-lops, who could eat just one?

View the new Almond Joy single/video "Candy" (extracted from their Oh, Henry! [IPU149] EP, Vol. CXLIXI in our International Pop Underground series). Yay. Check into this new Almond Joy video HERE.

Go, go, go, yeah, yeah, yeah!