Almond Joy, "Candy" video!

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Almond Joy, "Candy" video!

What's happening? "Candy" is happening! Check into the latest pop rockin' from San Francisco - - - Almond Joy (a celestial comet of West Coast pop) and their new video single "Candy". It's a tender morsel from their Oh, Henry [IPU149] EP, four songs kaleidoscopic. During the course of the "Candy" video Almond Joy peeps are tuning up, turning on, prancing in the park, stacking amplifiers, feeding their head and generally running wild. Magnif micro dot dot dot.

View the Almond Joy  "Candy" video HERE.

Oh, Henry is the latest volume in our exalted International Pop Underground series, joining recent volumes by Ribbon Stage My Favorite Shrine [IPU145], Beat Happening "Crashing Through" [IPU147] and The Real Distractions Stupid [IPU148].

The Almond Joy Oh, Henry [IPU149] EP can be pre-ordered now from The K Mail Order Dept., shipping September 30!!!