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Almond Joy!

Above: Almond Joy, further.

Almond Joy are the celestial comet heading the West Coast Pop Revival. Featuring a cohort of Bay Area scene stars Jordan Almond (Rays, The World), as well as Muzzy Moskowitz (Froogie’s Groovies, Color Green), Tika Hall (Warp), Staizsh Rodrigues (Children Maybe Later), Britta Leijonflycht (Rays, Galore) , and Pat Thomas (Cool Ghouls). But let's not get caught up in their impressive pedigree - - - let's instead rock it pop hardcore and do some back flips to their titan soundz!

The new Almond Joy single/video is "Candy", extracted from their Oh, Henry! [IPU149] EP, Vol. CXLIXI in our International Pop Underground series. Yay. Check the new Almond Joy video HERE.

Strum atomic blast-off.

The Almond Joy, Oh, Henry! [IPU149] EP is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.