Almond Joy!

Almond Joy!

Above: Almond Joy raising their voice in song, just for the pleasure of it.

Fog Pop. What does it all mean? If you have never heard of such a thing, you'll be surprised to hear Fog Pop is experiencing a revival these days. It's main proponent is the conscious pod of Bay Area musical crusaders Almond Joy. What they've done is craft a series of concept pieces for mass consumption, the first round being their Oh, Henry! [IPU149] EP, released as Volume CIL in our International Pop Underground series.


Each segment of Oh, Henry! is a taste of the sugary pop one may crave but find difficult to access in this confuzled and confusled world in which we reside. Fortunately as a whole Oh, Henry! is creamy, it's dreamy it has chewy scenery, it's nougaty, teeming with catchity singing. It must be that Almond Joy overcast feeling rolling in from off-shore.


Fog Pop. Got my head in the clouds.


The Almond Joy, Oh, Henry! [IPU149] EP is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.