2024: Year of The Softies!

2024: Year of The Softies!

 Above: Rose Melberg and Allison Wolfe, Bratmobile rehearsal, from the drummer's perspective.


Here at the K we've been super-busy preparing three albums by The Softies (Holiday in Rhode Island [KLP119], Winter Pageant [KLP061], It's Love [KLP043]) for release on the vaunted long-playing (LP) phonograph record format. In fact, one may now order Holiday in Rhode Island [KLP119] on LP from The K Mail Order Dept.

The Softies have been super-busy themselves, recording new songs, and playing shows: they'll be headlining the first evening (July 26) of Glas-Goes Pop festival in Glasgow, Scotland. There are tentative plans to tour both the East Coast and West Coast of the United States later in the autumn.

Meanwhile, Rose Melberg will sub for Erin Smith on guitar with Bratmobile for two shows this weekend in Kingston and Brooklyn, N.Y., and four more shows next month in Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV and Chicago, IL.

Then...Rose and her Go Sailor band mates Linton and Paul reunite this summer at Mosswood Meltdown! Too cool.

Meanwhile, Softie Jen Sbragia has been keeping Winter Artists Hours with her other combo, All Girl Summer Fun Band, who completed a West Coast tour in March with Kids on a Crime Spree and Artsick. Thursday, June 6 they'll headline the first evening of the Oakland Weekender festival. All Girl Summer Fun Band recorded a cover of "Who Loves the Sun" for a compilation of Velvet Underground songs to be included with admission at the festival. You gotta show up to get a copy! In between all this activity, All Girl Summer Fun Band have been writing new songs, too.

Yep. 2024, Year of The Softies. The two earlier K albums by The Softies, Winter Pageant [KLP061] and It's Love [KLP043] will be available on the LP format later in the year. Hold on to your hats.

Above: The Softies, Holiday in Rhode Island [KLP119], available now from The K Mail Order Dept.