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"It is hard to be sad and cold when their songs are around us and in us. Kickball brings songs that sound like the sort of tunes a slow moving bear might hum, while collecting some breakfast berries, or the sort of sounds the wind might make as it blows the slow bear?s fur back against its song. Brother and sister bears, this shit is heavy like mice whispering from our kitchen cupboard caves.

Most recently: The slow bear and whispering mice hearts started to beat it up much faster and the Kickballs kicked out a dirt stomping dinosuar. This dinosaur comes bearing gifts of rattle snake tail drums ticking like bombs that never explode, guitars that sound like pebbles bouncing around in glass jars or the chimes on my porch banging into each other during a storm, and the bass that sounds like the abominable snow dude swinging a ginormous fish onto a pan pipe made out of sewer pipes.

If you pay attention, you'll hear those quiet creatures channeling the sounds of the sea, squeaking in chairs, abandoning drums to play beats on their laps, banging around pieces of sheet metal in their backyard, and the older children teaching the younger children about the ins and outs of intercourse."

— Wayne (Mt. Gigantic)