Edmond Lapine

Vertical Dreaming (Manifest Press)

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Vertical Dreaming by Edmond Lapine is a collection of poems from 2002-2012. This Commemorative Publication was released by Goldie Fawn / Manifest Press in 2017. All proceeds from the sale of Vertical Dreaming benefit the Edmond William Lapine II Memorial Scholarship endowment fund at The Evergreen State College.

"When we lost Edmond I searched my old emails and texts because it felt like there might be a transcript of our friendship. I just needed to find the right search terms. But of course, to me, Edmond was at his best one-on-one, smoking, stammering to get it all out before we lost the thread, as last as we needed to stay up to get to the bottom of it all. There's no archive of that footage, but he left a book and I get to peer into Edmond one-on-none, speaking into the future with what I can only read as hope. It felt awful to read it at first, but upon revisiting it I think I found a lot of Edmonds, because he was a lot of people, and some of whom only I could." (Kelly Norman)

"Edmond never shared his poetry with me, he told me about it though. Maybe he was self-conscious or maybe he thought it wasn't perfected yet. I'm not surprised, now having read his collection of poems. I'm not surprised that they are clever and thoughtful, sometimes painful and always full of his voice." (Ben English)

"Edmond spent ten years writing this book and two years waiting for it to be printed before canceling the whole project in frustration. In the end, just three copies were made. He desperately wanted to share this work, but he worried that it revealed both too much and too little; he wanted to be seen but not necessarily interpreted: 'A book is not a dialogue.' I think he was wrong: it can be. These are his messages to you. Here he tells you how be attended to the wonders, ironies, miracles & horrors of life in this world. You're holding not an object, but an invitation: answer, if you feel so inclined. Attend." (Madeline Woodhead Nutting)