The Solvents

Forgive Yr. Blood

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Solvents are an "indie rock" group from the Olympic Peninsula in the great state of Washington. They have been playing continuously in local and national venues since 2005 and have toured multiple times in Europe. Solvents’ influences range from Gram Parsons, to Husker Du, from Beat Happening, to The Beatles from Big Star to The Replacements and everything in between. Solvents songs come alive in a strange and intriguing sonic landscape, where multi-layered guitars, marimbas and organs collide with violins and reverb-drenched drums. Defining the Solvents sound are the violin lines of Emily Madden. Her intuitive playing is an essential element that works beautifully with Bramson’s vocals and words. Together they create the Solvents rich atmosphere, contrast, and memorable melodies.

Solvents slowly became a bedroom folk trio with the addition of Sasha Landis on drums. Secretly recording in the isolation of a tiny town cut off from mainstream society, the band crafted a slew of self-released albums that went relatively unheard outside of the Pacific Northwest.

The bands latest record (Forgive Yr Blood) is the Solvents' culmination, their coming out party. Bramson's vocals have an urgency to them unheard in prior material, they snarl and crackle with emotional intensity matched by his guitar playing. Madden's violin resonates deep, clear and beautifully as Landis' drums drive the rhythm...


"....songs like "We Were Guests Here" force you to pay attention, with an insistent melodic backbone behind what would otherwise be intimate confessions..." Seattle Weekly

" realize you’ve just sat through a record made by a hell of a band. Forgive Yr Blood is anti-arena-rock made perfect. It’s a small-scale, lo-fi masterpiece..." —

"....Listening to Forgive Yr. Blood,  is a folk-punk indie rock joy all the way through..." —KEXP

"...Solvents commitment to craft is abundantly present throughout this short but sweet record...." —SSG Music

"...honest and heartfelt songs that should lead to their breakthrough.." —The Big Takeover