Antiquated Future

The First Seven Years (Antiquated Future) CS

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Nineteen songs from the first seven years of the Portland, Oregon-based label Antiquated Future. Slightly-skewed pop, indie rock, lo-fi folk, oddball electronic, and soundscape wizardry.


01 Little Angry & the Sweets “A Fast Ska” outtake from upcoming full-length LP, 02 Corespondents “(All Up In My) Drug Rug” from lolcats
03 Flying Circles “Please Stay” from Of Loving Grace
04 Guidon Bear “Magellanic Cloud” from Downwardly Mobile: Steel Accelerator
05 If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It “Tan Lions” from There Will Be Casualties
06 Reighnbeau “Gold Face” from Slight EP
07 The Washboard Abs “Never Finds You” from Lowlight Visions
08 Advrb “Frenzied Spring” from Like Like
09 Upside Drown “Sheltering Sky" from Mood Music  
10 Sara Renberg "Elderly Lesbians" from Night Sands

  11 Midwife "Angel" from Prayer Hands
  12 Pleasure Systems “(Bathroom Stall) Prayer” from Antumbra Pull
  13 Blindfolder “Braffin'” from Well, I Don't See Why Not, Vol. 4
  14 David Thomas Broughton "Problems" from UnAbleTo
  15 Appalachian Yard Art “Dogwhistle” from Fussy
  16 Jordan O'Jordan “Patience is Gruesome” from Through Tough Thoughts
  17 Tucker Theodore “Movement 9 (High Descend)” from LSG
  18 Indira Valey “Back I Went Back” from No Me Tengas Miedo
  19 Eleanor Murray "Hummingbird" from Jazz Demos

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