Joey Casio

Daybreak (KLP232)

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Oakland performing legend Joey Casio presents the culmination of a vision he's been working on for over a decade: punk house percussion and No-Rave techno noise united in a manifesto of dark positivity.  Though seemingly reserved person in public, Joey Casio explodes into a raging, seething life-force on stage, shouting and spitting into subterranean clubs and basements.  Always pushing for positive change and the edification of war culture, Joey Casio's motivating power over the dancer and crowd are unparalleled.  His two new tracks, “Daybreak” and “Ignite,” and their adjoining remixes by Boy-Rafael and E-Rock, are both rallying cries for this very restless generation.

Symbolizing the arrival of a fiery dawn, Joey's first track “Daybreak” centers around triumphant loops of chords and congas, and an empowering set of lyrics for a youth marooned by pop culture: “In every choice I make there is a dream undone...lets move toward an absence of regret.” A super-nova at sunrise with a one-drop and a circle pit, “Daybreak” is a machine made of self-affirming fire built to carry the dancer through the night. The second song, “Ignite,” mixes Joey's signature deep acid bass with monstrous four-on-the-floor kick. Fusing bits of house, trance and disco, “Ignite” is a thumping rallying-cry against that big, broken political machine: “Get up and take control, get up and stoke the coals...our bodies are burning, our bodies are burning.”

On the B-side, “Daybreak” is remixed by Boy Raphael of Miracles Club, whose spacious and emotive house-music-as-high-art has been creating a stir from subcultures to club cultures. Here he strips the track down to the bare-bones and brings the mix back to pure, classic elements.  E-Rock's (Leader of Audio Dregs, Portland's Electronic music emporium) remix of “Ignite” takes it in ten different directions at once, combining the current fun-times scene of Portland Electro with the high-energy bounce of stuttered vocal samples. As one of the U.S.'s most interesting multi-media artists, E-Rock's frenetic stylings conjure dreamy visions of a post-industrial future. 

If dance music is about revolution, Joey Casio ditches divisiveness: his message of punk solidarity springs eternal. Still a house show golden boy and one-man dance party, Joey Casio continues to collaborate and kick up dust with his new group Uncanny Valley.  These are the first songs from him since 2009's "Debtor's Prism" (IPU125).