Kimya Dawson

Alphabutt (KLP193)

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ALPHABUTT is a collection of children's songs written by Kimya Dawson along with a number of her musical friends and their children. Hailed by the likes of Rolling Stone, NPR, Blender and Pitchfork, as a seriously talented wordsmith, Dawson successfully leads a group of children in this sunny and energetic batch of songs with plenty of fun in the form of snapping fingers, clapping hands and stamping feet. ALPHABUTT follows up the highly successful soundtrack, JUNO, which featured many of Dawson's songs.

Like Dawson's previous releases, ALPHABUTT, succeeds by being tender and vulnerable, silly and raw while maintaining the intimacy and sense of community that has become so special to both fans and critics. Clocking in at 27 minutes, ALPHABUTT effortlessly showcases Dawson's powerful talent for storytelling.

Since 2000, Dawson has interacted with kids, teens and adults from around the globe who have found emotional support through her highly personal songs. Through an online community that she is actively involved in, Dawson has created a welcoming place for kids who have suffered abuse, depression and poor self esteem, to go and know that they're not alone. Just like her fans, Dawson needs an ear to hear her stories, a shoulder to cry on and a big hug.

From the sing-a-long of "Bobby-O" to the intimate "Happy Home (Keep On Writing)," from the loving "Little Panda Bear" to the fun "Smoothie," ALPHABUTT is an incredible album that delivers uncompromising songs with real stories of heart, soul and laughter.