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Edmond Lapine Poetry Broadside

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This print is a collaboration between J. Hukee and Kate Robinson. It features an original poem written by Edmond Lapine (transcribed below).

J. Hukee printed the poem at May Day Press in Italian Old Style type. The second layer, reading "LOVE NOTES", was printed at Pope Press Olympia by Kate Robinson using vintage wood type.

This broadside was printed in an edition of 99 and measure 8.00 x 10.75 inches. Prints will be shipped flat, in clear archival sleeves.

Proceeds from the sale of this original poem written by Edmond Lapine will go to the Edmond William Lapine II Scholarship Fund at The Evergreen State College.

but i know those thoughts
by name, and the ways they
might know mine. waiting for
the time for our final sunset

come sunrise we will be dancing
at the shores of Lake Unknown
breathing incantations
unlocked in our mouths

i o u lovenote letterbombs
dear john's blood in the
creases of my palms. come
morning we will find
a way to be calm

and to you the smiling
spy who takes note on
how i love, a smile in
ink is better than one
sketched in pencil