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Booomboxxx LP

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Boy Eats Drum Machine's latest album, Booomboxxx, is an experimental pop record loaded with unique turntable textures, saxophone blasts, expertly chopped break beats, and gutsy vocals. Although the record effectively mashes several musical forms, it is Ragel's most cohesive work to date, bringing to mind artists like DJ Shadow, Queen, Morphine, David Bowie, and the Postal Service.

  1. Booomboxxx
  2. Planets + Stars
  3. The Crack in the Sea
  4. Demonic With Horns
  5. I'm Alive Don't Bury Me
  6. La La La La LA
  7. Put Your Hands All Over Me
  8. Gun Fight
  9. Love Letters Only
  10. We Are an Army

Boy Eats Drum Machine is the solo work of native portlander, Jon Ragel. He is a songwriter, producer, singer, turntablist, and also plays saxophone, guitar, synthesizer, organ, and several percussive nick nacks. as a one-man musical act, BEDM merges the worlds of turntablism and live rock performance as ragel spins breaks and surgically inserts sounds while juggling vocals, percussion, and saxophone. Ragel started to make recordings under the name BEDM in 2001 when he used a 4 track to record and load his MPC with scads of samples, creating blippy pop experimentations.

He wanted to evoke the idea of pac man and the music of the NES game metroid. He sold his MPC and switched exclusively to computer-based recordings a couple years later. The fall of 2005 saw Ragel using his new found love for the turntable for the first time in a full length recording. he spun and chopped up breaks to create the backbones of the songs that would form pleasure. many of these beats were sampled from Bridgetown Breaks, Volume 1. He recorded Two Ghosts December 2006 - March, 2007. It was released the summer of 2007; and featured many talented portland area musicians.