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Saturated Colors 2022 Calendar

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The Dana Squires 2022 Calendar is titled "Saturated Colors" and features 12 of her unique and vibrant paintings. Year-round inspiration for the home or office.

Dana Squires is an artist, graphic designer and arts educator residing in Olympia, Wash. She has been inspiration and mentor to generations of underground artists including Calvin Johnson, Stella Marrs and Bruce Pavitt (Tiny Holes), beginning with her days as Art Director of Op Magazine in 1979.

The Dana Squires Saturated Colors 2022 Calendar was printed in a limited edition of 100 copies. It is not to be found in any book stores or other retail outlets, available only from the artist and here at The K Mail Order Dept!

"I love the images in this calendar! Dana Squires has made a calendar that is joyous and elegant. Bring dappled light and imperial colors into any room where this one is displayed, and you can luxuriate with a tropical vibe to accompany your afternoon tea. It suggests a space of a mutual hospitalities. With beautiful, cared for shapes - all is well here."  ~ Stella Marrs, artist and educator

"In 1980, I had the honor of working as an intern for the influential music magazine OP. Dana Squires, the art director, had a whimsical, free flowing approach to design that helped inspire my own zine, Subterranean Pop”. ~Bruce Pavitt, founder, Sub Pop


From the K News:


Saturated Colors (a calendar)!

"These are the colors I'm drawn to, saturated colors. Even if the title is 'Oranges' [her 2021 calendar title], they're all going to be saturated colors." That's Dana Squires' explanation for the title for her year 2022 calendar, Saturated Colors.

Dana Squires is an artist living in Olympia. Her preferred format is drawing. All twelve images from Saturated Colors started as still life pencil drawings Dana scanned digitally and then painted through a computer program called "photoshop". The paintings are then printed on large sheets of glass giving them an other-worldly glow. "The glass holds the light the same way the computer screen does. If you print them on paper it is much flatter. The glass is more Illuminous."

This is a process Dana has experimented with for the last five years, completing 25 to 30 such works each year. Several of her still life glass paintings are included in the current exhibit "Bright Spot" at the Chase Gallery, Spokane, Washington.

Dana Squires at an exhibition of her paintings, the Artworks Galley, Seattle, WA.

The paintings that comprise the Saturated Colors collection are drawn from all Dana's work from the previous last little while. "This is a years worth off work, I pick which ones would be right for a calendar." Good choices. Where do these images come from? "Out of my imagination," though she does admit she is drawn to the type of imagery illustrated in Saturated Colors. "On my counter right now, just for the aesthetic pleasure, I have a pomegranate, a quince and persimmons. I try to balance keeping it around to look at as long as possible, then eat it at the last minute."