All Your Friend's Friends Beat Tape (KDR008)

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All Your Friend's Friends [KLP255] is A NW Hip Hop Compilation Album featuring over 30 MCs from across the region and is constructed almost entirely off samples from the K Catalog. These are the beats.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. "Cynic Syndrome" - Onry Ozzborn, Zikki Carr, Candidt
  2. "Real Life Game" - The Chicharones
  3. "Evolve Away" - Xperience
  4. "Good Bad Girl" - Heddie Leonne
  5. "Find Your Shine" - Wildcard, Poeina Suddartha, Ang P, MG! The Visionary
  6. "Where The Free People Go" - AKA
  7. "Pizza Chef" - Free Whiskey
  8. "Trial By Water" - Eprhyme, Fame
  9. "3D Monocle" - JFK, Bishop, Goldini, Smoke
  10. "My Shady Gangster Uncle Kaiser" - Xperience, Zikki Carr, Nyqwil
  11. "Dance Floor on the War Path" - Smoke
  12. "Nothing Grows in a Flood" - Barfly
  13. "Work is the Principle" - Ang P, MG! The Visionary, Afrock, Puget
  14. "Blackfist Brokenfront" - Silent Lambs Project, Nyqwil
  15. "We Never Look Up" - Iame, Goldini, Miz
  16. "Simplify Complex" - Saints of Everyday Failures, Alli Baker
  17. "Ashen Embers" - Xperience
  18. "Jump Kick The Legs" - Xperience, Zikki Carr, Jesus Chris, Candidt, Free Whiskey, Hash Adams, Swamp Tiger, Miz, Ang P, Heretic, Shellz Sck, Luvva J
  19. "Welcome to Forever" - Simple, Smoke