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Unearthed: The Lookers tour shirts, hand screened by the band, c. 1998.

All size LARGE (44). White 100% cotton, Made in the U.S.A.

The Lookers were a musical combo based in Portland, Oregon, comprised of Sarah Dougher and sts (both also of Cadallaca).

The lookers "Leaving Texas" appears on the K compilation Cha Cha Cabaret [KLP066].

Sarah Dougher, who also released a solo album, Day One [KLP096] and a volume in our International Pop Underground series, wrote this reminiscence about The Lookers:

The Lookers!

The Lookers were Sarah Dougher, Shanna Doolittle and Allison Carr. 

The Lookers created these shirts in 1998 to sell on tour in October of that year. I met Shanna at a busking event I set up contra-NXNW in 1996, at the Skidmore Fountain; she had just moved from Chico. We practiced at her house since that’s where the drums were.

We booked our tour using the telephone and something called Juno: I didn’t own a computer and used the one at my job at a gift basket company. While we toured the whole country in Allison’s station wagon, we listened to a Spice Girls cassingle of “Wannabe” and a lot of Yo La Tengo.

We designed the shirts, made the screen and printed them on the porch. The design came from the cover of our one and only album, In Clover (Candy Ass Records, 1997), and was derived from a design that was originally printed on a silk scarf -- that’s what is on the front of the record. We recorded it partly with Pat Maley and partly with Toni Gogin. Jody Bleyley’s record label, Candy Ass, put it out.

 Apparently there is now another band called The Lookers from Ciboure, France.

 Here is a LINK to a rare video clip of us Lookers playing at the Capitol Theater.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show Shanna playing, but you can hear her! The Lookers don’t have much of a web presence although you can hear some of our songs there.

The Lookers, In Clover (Candy-Ass Records) LP