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K Phono Safari 5 Pak: Noisy Pop Rockin’ Debuts

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The K Mail Order Dept. is offering up a special Phono Safari 5 Pak: Noisy Pop Rockin’ Debuts, put together by Calvin Johnson of first albums (on LP!) by artists important in the world of K and Olympia Underground sounds. The guitars are spinning, rock’n'roll is winning; the noisy pop rockin’ here is likened to being shot from a cannon into the stratosphere, some of the premiere on-the-edge-of-your-teeth underground bands we’ve had the honor to work with at K!

You receive all five long-playing phonograph records for the reasonable price of $50.00:

  1. Treepeople Guilt, Regret and Embarrassment LP [KLP069] 
  2. D+ D+ LP [KLP072]
  3. Wandering Lucy Leap Year LP [KLP053]
  4. Jeremy Jay A Place Where We Could Go LP [KLP187]
  5. Tender Trap Film Molecules LP [KLP126]

More information:

  • Treepeople Guilt, Regret and Embarrassment LP [KLP069]
    • Boise, ID. and all it means to us now came from this album, the 1990 debut by a powerhouse punk band that relocated to Seattle in the late ’80s. Treepeople were a massive inspiration on a generation of Olympia bands including Unwound, KARP and Heavens to Betsy. Band members Doug Martsch, Scott Schmaljohn, Pat Brown and Wayne Flower went on to Stuntman, Violent Green, Halo Benders and Built to Spill.
  • D+ D+ LP [KLP072]
    • Bret Lunsford‘s post-Beat Happening musical life took shape with the Anacortes-centric combo D+, featuring a young Karl Blau and even younger Phil Elverum. Read more about D+ in the all-Elverum issue of the F.I.B. fanzine, #12.
  • Wandering Lucy Leap Year LP [KLP053]
    • Eccentric Canadian singer of guitar and drum machine songs Lindi Coyne lands in Olympia and recruits Brian Sparhawk (Fitz of Depression) and Fred Armisen (Trenchmouth) to record this unusual dream state of noisy pop rockin’ at the basement Dub Narcotic Studio with Calvin Johnson.
  • Jeremy Jay A Place Where We Could Go LP [KLP187]
    • The reduction of pop music to it’s core attributes of the catchy and the delightful, with a smattering of the fantastic mixed in, and an urbane sense of color and good taste: this is the reputation that Jeremy Jay has earned after releasing several 45s and albums on K. His debut album A Place Where We Could Go [KLP187] was awaited with bated breath, the initial installment in Jeremy‘s rapidly growing oeuvre stamped throughout with his trademark  infectious dance pop anthems and the introverted, fantasy-laden elements of his inner psyche. A simply ravishing combination equally at home on either the dance floor or AM radio. Recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, Washington.
  • Tender Trap Film Molecules LP [KLP126]
    • Amelia Fletcher, DJ Downfall and Rob Pursey arise from the surf following the submerged Marine Research (which followed Heavenly and Talulah Gosh) to form a brighter, more maneuverable craft. Film Molecules is their shiniest moment, including the effervescent “Oh, Katrina”.