Pine Hill Haints

The Evening Star LP/Cassette

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This new Pine Hill Haints record is comprised of old songs recorded around the same time as Ghost Dance [KLP186]. Something old into something new, though always breathtaking ghost country - Haints style. This collection of gun fighter ballads and trail songs can be sung by any ol' skateboarder in any ol' blue town. You can burn and you can fade and you can crash and blow like an Evening Star. 1. Tennessee River Rambler 2. They Tried To Kill My Momma's Son 3. I Like The Ditch 4. Darktime Came To The Hills 5. The Street of Laredo 6. Why Should I Worry 7. I See Red (Kill Kill Kill) 8. Black Casket 9. Satchel and Babe 10. Wayfaring Stranger 11. Riding The Long Souther Train Blues 12. The Parting Glass 13. Wild Bill Jones