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Quarantine Heart Throb [KLP290] LP

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Smoke M2D6's boundary-pushing musical production and Jedi-like audio engineering have earned him wide and enthusiastic artistic acclaim, as well as a host of awards. As an MC, Smoke M2D6 has toured the country, performing in all of the lower 48 states, and was one of the original founding members of Northwest super-crew OLDOMINION. Though Smoke M2D6 has not released an album since the 2006 opus Bleed, he has been super-busy creating beats and producing other artists including many of his Oldominion crew mates Onry Ozzborn, Nyqwil, IAME and JFK.

The global pandemic finally cleared the deck, allowing Smoke M2D6 to get back to doin’ his thing: “When the quarantine started I found an old JFK verse from 2013 where he was talking about a pandemic - ‘I’ve got to build on this,’ started cutting it up.” We start with an overwhelming feeling of being at the beginning of societal collapse: Quarantine Heart Throb, a mass pak of apocalyptic art. Featured are several NW hip hop legends and mainstays, artists Smoke M2D6 has either “mixed for them, produced for them or is a fan of them.” If you are a fan of Smoke M2D6 and have been waiting since 2006 for this album, “You will not be disappointed - - - Quarantine Heart Throb shows my growth as a person, a producer, an engineer and as a rapper.” Far out.


SONGS - - -


1. Blood on the Whitehouse Lawn (featuring Ali Baker, JFK, Everybody Knows, Donavin Trip) 2. This Timeline Is War Torn (featuring Bishop I) 3. Stawmen (featuring IAME & Claud Six) 4. William Shatner



5. It only Hurts if You Let It (featuring THNDRTHF) 6. black Holes that Automate 7. We will Know them by Their Fruits (featuring Nora Smokovitch) 8. Eat My Neighbors


 Smoke M2D6, "William Shatner"


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Smoke M2D6 appears on (and produced) the K Northwest hip hop compilation CD All Your friends Friends [KLP255].