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A C-30 cassette tape release on Fred Thomas' Life Like Records.

1.Sorry You've Been Under The Weather
2.Enough Time Has Passed
3.Unfortunately That Won't Be Possible
4.Let Me Know If There's Anything I Can Do
5.Regards Pt. I
6.Sounds Like A Plan
7.No Worries
8.Prior Engagement
9.Regards Pt. II

Drone practitioner Dominic Coppola's style of guitar-rendered ambient sounds was already anchored in themes of romance, distant dreams and discontinued emotions by the summer of 2018 when we got together to try to make something far stupider. Originally making material for a tape with working title "Gremlins 3", the idea was to shift textural synth and guitar ambiance into something less focused on those known modes. Not going for goofiness or absurd expressions, either, this experiment turned into more of a satirical observation on the process itself!?

Conversations about ambient music, office culture, that moment when it seemed like a lot of people were just really really excited about pizza, grid victims and the anesthetic remove of modern horror films all led to these nine pieces. Sonically, it might be hard to catch the self-parody or thoroughly nonconstructive criticism. Regardless of if the deeper statement even exists, the sounds of tape warped atmospheres, deeply buried synth melodies and the fingerprints of dread, boredom and empty cartoon thought bubbles all resonate.