Daisies in the Studio with DJ Rap Class (Joker's Got a Posse) 12" ---PAY WHAT YOU WANT---

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This record is pay what you want - - - order it here (paying MEDIA MAIL shipping) and then send the amount you would like to pay for Daisies in the Studio with DJ Rap Class to "mailorder@krecs.com" via pay pal - - - Thank you!


Daisies is a project about love. A new idea that comes from the past. Daisies make everyone so high on the way they express through their music what it means to feel human and be alive , but being in a band with them is like working with aliens. They aren’t like anyone else on this planet. When I first saw them live, it was this mix of like.. Joni Mitchell /Drum n Bass anarchy. It wasn’t just funky tech’d out music, it was urgent. Like a race car running in the red… it was just so impressive; how long could it sustain? The beats kept changing and turning and the vocals sounded like they were coming down from the sky. On stage, the performance was unhinged but they held their groove down the whole time. I was blown away that this really unique sound could be brought to life by this band in front of an audience. Live it felt like, so dangerous, like anything could happen. Maybe you’d hear music that sounds that trippy on a DJ mix or something, but not from the opening group at a Tommy Wright III show, which was indeed the setting on this night. It was electronic music but it ignored every modern aesthetic and technique that’d advanced the genre for the last 15 years . They were just special. The next day I flat out asked if I could be in the band, and they said yeah. A year later, we’re here. Now we have this beautiful new record to share.------------ R A P C L A S S