Giving & Receiving Japanese Import CD

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The Japanese import of Giving & Receiving [KLP228] on the 7 e.p. label! It includes massive bonus songs: both songs from their recent International Pop Underground 45, "You Are Alone" & "Higher Than Merry" [IPU127]; "Roger Miller (demo)"; "Within and Without (demo)"; "The Cloud and The Cherry (Bird and the Berry remix)". Perhaps a better album title would be Giving & Giving?

In the band's own words: 'Giving and Receiving is meant to be uplifting. It offers an antidote to depression. The more that you give, the more that you receive. However, it is contradicted by the great environmental and moral dilemma of our modern world in a cryptic nursery rhyme: "there used to be fish in the ocean, there used to be fish in the sea, you've taken my fish from the ocean, bring back my fish to me". I suppose the message is that although we have made irreparable damage on our planet, we still have a chance for reconciliation if we can abstain from "overfishing."'