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Airwalker (IPU115)

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What's in the air when you're walking on air?...Where can we go when the lites are low? Jeremy Jay shows you a place that is mysterious, beautiful and lush. In this 6 song E.P., the story of the Airwalker is told.

We begin at "The Lampost scene". The lite of the lampost streams the street and the fog of the nite air plays the beat. This is the new Beat. This is where it begins. The story of Airwalker.

"We stay here (in our secret world)" is the 3rd song on the record. The sentiment is pretty obvious. It's the sentiment of pushing everything away that you don't want and creating a place, like a secret world only a few know about or maybe no one else knows about . It's a common theme in literature, that in creating something, a story, you in turn create life. The Story of your life.

"Can We Dissapear?" is the last song on the record. Where the Airwalker returns to the lamppost. In the mist that blurs the worlds.

The music sounds like Twin Peaks + Julie Cruise + Soul-R&B = Mystery Dance music.

Airwalker was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia Washington in July 2007. Engineered by Nicolaas Zwart (Desolation Wilderness, Electric Sunset) and features band members Derek James on bass, Nick Pahl on drums and Ilya Malinsky on guitar.

This is Vol. CXVI in K's International Pop Underground Series.

The digital version of this 7-inch is available from Bandcamp

7-inch Version:

  1. Airwalker
  2. We Stay Here (In Our Secret World)

CD Version:

  1. The Lamppost Scene
  2. Airwalker
  3. We Stay Here (In Our Secret World)
  4. Lunar Camel
  5. Angels on the Balcony
  6. Can We Disappear