Jeremy Jay

We Were There (IPU113)

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Hot on the heels of his first single, “Airwalker” [IPU115], “We Were There” was recorded by Jeremy Jay in Angel Town with Nick Pahl on drums and features a Vocoder on Side 2. The general feel of the music and the art of this record is like that of Japanese Anime mixed with Super Fantasy Realism. The art of “Drawing Yourself” is definetly drawn here.

The title track “We Were There” starts with a synth lead and a very 60's mod tough boy rhythm. Imagine the Mods cruising the streets in Akira style Tokyo listening to this future music on crystal ball stereos. That's what this sounds like, the uncontrolled excitement of the motorcycle motorway. Tokyo Style. Hell Yeah! And, very fitting for Side 2, “Beautiful Dreamer” is the more dreamy lullaby that is sung with vocoder oohs and ahhs and a hauntingly dreamy lead vocal. Recorded with piano and only a snare & finger snaps for rhythm, the tough boys are showing there sweet side in this beautiful classic. Beautiful Dreamer!

This is Vol. CXIII  in K's International Pop Underground Series.

The digital version of this 7-inch is available from Bandcamp

  1. We Were There
  2. Beautiful Dreamer