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Why Should I Worry? (2060 Records) cassette tape

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Recordings from Summer 2018 to Summer 2022, Why Should I Worry? has been conceptualized, recorded, scrapped, rerecorded, revised, recycled and thrown into the sea of artistic commodities (for your listening pleasure/displeasure). Stream it as it drowns in a digital sea, for everybody including you and me. I won't be around to care forever, and neither will you.

credits In chronological order of collaboration:

John Winter: vox/piano/keys/guitar/programming/etc
Cosmo Mailhot: guitar
Robin Carmosino: guitar/bass/pedal steel
Rin Nagle: vox
Gregory Bortnichak: cello
Keir Allison-Bourne: guitar
Eros Faulk: strings
Sam Costello: banjo
Kathryn Louise: vox
Dean Shakked: upright bass

Artwork collaboration between Nvidia gaugan, Google, and myself depicting the Capital Forest/Black Hills outside of Olympia, Washington.

Mastering by Nuri Erdal

Much love and respect to the many others who helped me during these times, in no particular order: Max B Keena, Mike Mistery Elliott, Sheriff M Massey, Ian Francis, Aidan McNellis, Lincoln Noah, Sammi Burke, Peter David Connely, Annie Schultz, Drew Funk, Brian Hanson, Peaches, Ripley, Quill, Glo Hernandez, Shayden, Napkins, JJH, my family and the rest of the inspirational people in Olympia, and beyond.