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Réalistes (M'lady's)

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"Réalistes sounds like the aural equivalent of a herky-jerk tube ride across London, with clattering, garage-like tunes rollicking along before going underground for a sobering mind-the-gap ballad along the way. The album continues Comet Gain's torrid union of mod punk/soul-pop and garage-indie revisionism. Leader David Feck -- an homage to Dennis Hopper's "check's in the mail" character from The River's Edge perhaps? -- is now the only mainstay since the group formed in 1993. During the rest of the '90s, they were practically the house band at various clubs and, in some respects, not much has changed since then; in fact, the tambourine-and-Hammond-organ-powered "The Kids at the Club" could be the council pub set's next anthem, perfect for a sweat-soaked, hip-shakin' night on the tiles." - Bryan Thomas, Allmusic

Comet Gain's album Réalistes is back in stock for the first time in 15 years! Reissued by M'lady's

"For anyone who didn't fucking get what they wanted and still fucking lost what they had." - Robert Christgau