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CD Safari: Olympia Underground, '90s!

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In the late twentieth century Olympia had a burgeoning local music scene that erupted in the final decade (known colloquially as "the '90s") into a thriving underground music community that was richly expressive, creative, provocative. Here is a collection of ten compact discs released by as many combos/artists who splashed through and delighted Downtown Olympia in that so-long-ago time.

This CD Safari sale includes:

  1. Kicking Giant Alien i.d. CD [KLP034]
  2. Dub Narcotic Sound System Industrial Breakdown CD [KLP039]
  3. Satisfact The Third Meeting at the Third Counter CD [KLP088]
  4. IQU Chotto Matte a Moment! CD [KLP085]
  5. Subdebs She's so Control CD [KLP101]
  6. Fitz of Depression Swing CD [KLP041]
  7. Mocket Fanfare CD [KLP070]
  8. Lois Infinity Plus [KLP058]
  9. Jason Traeger My Religion Is Love CD [KLP098]
  10. C.O.C.O. C.O.C.O. CD [KLP118]

All ten compact discs for $15.00!

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